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Yuliza Avalos , contributer

My name is Yuliza. I attended to Hueneme High School as a junior. Here are 10 facts about me:
- I love to travel, I've been to a few places like Mexico and Panama.
- Tacos de Asada is my favorite food.
- My favorite sport is soccer. I use to be in a team in middle school.
- One of my favorite colors is blue.
- I love watching tv. One of my favorite show is Friends.
- My pet peeve is when people eat with their mouth open I find that disgusting.
- My favorite ice cream is vanilla since it has a good flavor.
- I can't stand people who chew their gum loudly it is annoying.
- I would love to travel to Hawaii.
- The most boring sport to play or watch is tennis.

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Yuliza Avalos