Australia Fire


Yuliza Avalos , Contributor

More than 2,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged because of this fire that’s going on in Australia. Australia has been struggling to cut this fire even firefighters from other countries came in to help including the United States. This fire might have started with heat and drought. Dry lighting is responsible for starting a fire in Victoria’s East Gippsland region in late December. Humans are also to blame at NSW police has charged at least 24 people with deliberately starting bushfires. This fire has hit every Australian state, but New South is hitting the hardest one.

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About half a billion animals have been affected by this fire. More than 2,o00 firefighters working on the ground in NWS alone. United States, Canada, and New Zealand have sent additional firefighters to help. The federal government also has sent in military assistance like personnel, air force aircraft, and navy cruisers for firefighting, evacuation, search and rescue, and clean-up efforts. By donating could help many people who are working or affected by this wildfire.

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