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2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Amy Wright Contributor See Amy Wright’s profile
See Amy Wright’s profile
Alejandro Basurto Contributor See Alejandro Basurto’s profile
See Alejandro Basurto’s profile
Refugio Sanchez Contributor See Refugio Sanchez’s profile
See Refugio Sanchez’s profile
Edward Hernandez Contributor See Edward Hernandez’s profile
See Edward Hernandez’s profile
Jonathan Melgoza Contributor See Jonathan Melgoza’s profile
See Jonathan Melgoza’s profile
Jasmine Martinez Contributor See Jasmine Martinez’s profile
See Jasmine Martinez’s profile
Isaac Estrada Contributor See Isaac Estrada’s profile
See Isaac Estrada’s profile
Brenda Victorio Contributor See Brenda Victorio’s profile
See Brenda Victorio’s profile
Naydelin Victorio Contributor See Naydelin Victorio’s profile
See Naydelin Victorio’s profile
Ianna Brosas Contributor See Ianna Brosas’s profile
See Ianna Brosas’s profile
Yzabella Sanchez Contributor See Yzabella Sanchez’s profile
See Yzabella Sanchez’s profile
John Cruz Contributor See John Cruz’s profile
See John Cruz’s profile
Eduardo Posadas Gonzalez Contributor See Eduardo Posadas Gonzalez’s profile
See Eduardo Posadas Gonzalez’s profile
Evelyn Gomez Contributor See Evelyn Gomez’s profile
See Evelyn Gomez’s profile
Luccia Aldana Contributor See Luccia Aldana’s profile
See Luccia Aldana’s profile
Austin Smith Contributor See Austin Smith’s profile
See Austin Smith’s profile
Joshua Sarmina Contributor See Joshua Sarmina’s profile
See Joshua Sarmina’s profile
Brianna Flores Contributor See Brianna Flores’s profile
See Brianna Flores’s profile
Luis Cardenas Contributor See Luis Cardenas’s profile
See Luis Cardenas’s profile
Xavier Mandujano Contributor See Xavier Mandujano’s profile
See Xavier Mandujano’s profile
Refugio Sanchez Contributor See Refugio Sanchez’s profile
See Refugio Sanchez’s profile
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