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2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Kimberly BarajasEditor See Kimberly Barajas's profile
See Kimberly Barajas's profile
Christina GrbacontributorSee Christina Grba's profile
See Christina Grba's profile
Michael Avilacontributor See Michael Avila's profile
See Michael Avila's profile
Brianna Florescontributor See Brianna Flores's profile
See Brianna Flores's profile
Kinverly Garcia contributorSee Kinverly Garcia's profile
See Kinverly Garcia's profile
Avril Avilacontributor See Avril Avila's profile
See Avril Avila's profile
Cesar RangelcontributorSee Cesar Rangel's profile
See Cesar Rangel's profile
Yahir AvaloscontributorSee Yahir Avalos's profile
See Yahir Avalos's profile
Ramiro AvilaContributor See Ramiro Avila's profile
See Ramiro Avila's profile
Zack RogersContributorSee Zack Rogers's profile
See Zack Rogers's profile
Jessica PalomaresContributor See Jessica Palomares's profile
See Jessica Palomares's profile
Jesus AparicioContributorSee Jesus Aparicio's profile
See Jesus Aparicio's profile
Marisol GonzalezContributorSee Marisol Gonzalez's profile
See Marisol Gonzalez's profile
Mark MartinContributorSee Mark Martin's profile
See Mark Martin's profile
Adara CardenasContributorSee Adara Cardenas's profile
See Adara Cardenas's profile
Jesus CastellanosContributorSee Jesus Castellanos's profile
See Jesus Castellanos's profile
Saray CortezContributorSee Saray Cortez's profile
See Saray Cortez's profile
Kimberly GarciaContributorSee Kimberly Garcia's profile
See Kimberly Garcia's profile
Kayvon MosbyContributorSee Kayvon Mosby's profile
See Kayvon Mosby's profile
Juan FloresContributorSee Juan Flores's profile
See Juan Flores's profile
Yuliza AvaloscontributerSee Yuliza Avalos's profile
See Yuliza Avalos's profile
Antonio Aguilera contributors See Antonio Aguilera's profile
See Antonio Aguilera's profile
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