Pablo Ruiz Picasso


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Pablo was born in Spain but the majority of his adult life he lived in France. His parents raised him as a catholic but later in life he claimed himself, atheist. His father was teaching him how to draw when he was younger in age 13 his painting skill level has advanced and surprised his parents. Picasso attended the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, but in 1897, he began to attend to Madrid’s Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, it was one of the best top schools in Spain.  During World War II Picasso remained in Paris, he continued to create art.

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Pablo had two wives and three children from 3 different women. In 1918 he decided to marry Olga Khokhlova, she was a Russian ballet dancer of Nobel descent. She gave birth to a boy named paul on February 4, 1921. Khokhlova died on February 11, 1955, caused by cancer. Picasso, later on, got into a relationship and married Jaquelin Roque. Their relationship lasted 11 years until Picasso’s death. Jaquelin never had kids with Picasso but she did have a daughter with another man. To this day Picasso artworks still exist and are worth a lot of money.

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