Stacey Stites Case

Yuliza Avalos , Contributor

Stacey Stites graduated from Smithville High School in 1995. She decided to move to Giddings, Texas after she promoted high school with her mother and fiance (Fannell).  She worked at H-E-B in Bastrop, she switched her shifts at 3:00 a.m for she could earn a bit of extra money for her wedding. On April 23, 1996, she didn’t show up to her and a co-worker called Carol Stites to tell her Stacey Stites was missing.  Carol Stites called Fannell that Stacey was missing didn’t show up to work. He then quickly called the police department.

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It wasn’t until mid-afternoon that a person called 911 saying they had found a woman’s body in a wooded area off a rural Bastrop road called Bluebonnet Lane. It was Stacey Stites. The Bastrop police department called Texas rangers and the texas department of public safety.  DPS crime scene investigators arrived on the scene to begin collecting evidence. Until this day her case is still opened. Rodney Reed is sentenced to death but many people think he’s an innocent man.

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