Do Reality TV Show Influences Teenager’s Bad Behaviors?

Do Reality TV Show Influences Teenagers Bad Behaviors?

Yuliza Avalos , contributor

Does reality show influence teenager’s bad behaviors? Reality shows tend to depict exaggerated material that is perceived as real. Because of this, reality TV inflicts dangerous stereotypes into our world’s society. There some channels that feature many messages, behaviors, and attitudes that can have a negative influence on young audiences. Some reality show is extra by arguing, fighting and by even starting a scandal online. 

 I have watched many reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians, Jersey show, and Teen Mom. Whenever I’m bored I decided to watch one of those reality shows since they entertain me. I love watching them, but mostly all of them have poor behavior. The one that gets me more worried is Teen mom. Teenagers are either pregnant or raising their babies at a young age. This show can influence teens to have a kids and maybe want to end up being in the show and hope to become famous. As long as viewers like myself can realize that these shows don’t always portray the best examples, there is no harm in enjoying the entertainment.

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