Officer Martin

Yuliza Avalos , contributor

I never had a full conversation with officer Martin. I know he helped out so many people in the Oxnard community. I remember when I first met him in freshman year. He was such an amazing person. He helped out everyone and kept our school safe. He put everyone first before him. He just wanted to see every student in Hueneme succeed. Officer Martin tried his best to keep our community safe. I appreciate that so much. We will always remember him as a good officer in our community.

A fellow teacher from Hueneme High School said this about Officer Martin, “A good memory was his example of being a good man. Nathan was very gracious to everyone even if they did not deserve it. He was a father of three children comprised of scholars, athletes, and even a missionary. Officer Martin made so many sacrifices for his community in Camarillo not to mention our community here in South Oxnard. Viking Familia.”

A different teacher also from Hueneme High School told me that “He was a great Officer in our community and tried his best to keep every student in our school safe. He made so many sacrifices for our community. He was a respectful and responsible guy he always cared about each student in our school. He will always remembered in our community and Hueneme High School. Rest and Peace.”

A student from Hueneme High School said this about Officer Martin, “He’s not like every police officer that I knew. He was different from the rest. When I will always get in trouble instead of him calling getting mad at me, he will talk about why I did that. I felt like he cared about me and that’s why he was one of the best police officers I’ve ever met. Rest and Peace.”

Another student also said this about Officer Martin, “He believed in me when no one did. Officer Martin wanted the best for everyone in this school. He motivated me to be a better person each day. Officer Martin once told me he wanted to see me on stage on graduation day and knew deep down I could make it. I will always remember him as a great person. Rest and Peace Officer Martin.”

Officer Martin was such a wonderful person. There was this one time where I got suspended. He offered me a ride home but I said no because I was scared to go home. He started laughing and said: “well stop fighting and getting suspended and you’ll be fine.” Since then he’ll always say “good morning or have a nice day.” I would see him around the halls and just see him smile and feel his good energy all around. He will always be remembered as an amazing person. Rest in Peace Officer Martin.