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Hueneme High Walk Out

Hueneme High Walk Out

April 25, 2018

5 Things You Can Do To Succeed In School

Richard Cavazos, Contributor

April 24, 2018

Filed under Student Life

1. Be on time and always be prepared with paper, pen, pencil, highlighter, and textbook if needed. 2. Go to school everyday and if you don't, bring a note by the doctor preferably or by parent is fine. 3. Do your work in...

Never Skip Breakfast!

Never Skip Breakfast!

April 18, 2018

Student Life Hacks

Andre Chico, Contributor

April 6, 2018

Filed under Facts-Jokes-Riddles, Lifestyle, Student Life

Take Notes with Different Color Using different colors can really benefit yourself. This is a method used by lots of students around the world. This method help you remember those notes better than just using the regular blac...

Long English Words

Long English Words

March 20, 2018

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