Daniel Cabrera & Angel Michel, Contributors

We cross-examined our fellow disciples, “What is a hobby of yours?”

Maria Gutierrez – I like to go shopping

Geuri Higuera – Playing soccer, I’ve been playing since I was in the womb

Stacy Ceja – Doing my makeup

Sirena Navarro – Surfing 

Leobardo Rodriguez – Hanging out with Tavo!

Noe Bravo – Drawing 

Diana Altamirano – Hanging out with friends because they’re fun.

Adela Salazar – Helping my mom

Danny Martinez – Play video games

Ximena Ortega – EATING

Bryant Caballero – I like to fish

Mr. Thomas – I really like to watch College Football, and garden

David McMillan – Playing football or basketball

Brycen Cusson – Sleep, I’m too lazy to do anything else

Wendy Ambriz – Watch Netflix and eat because it’s fun to do