Signs He/She Is Just Not Into You


Ximena Ortega, Contributor

We all get crushes from time to time. That’s why they’re called crushes. Once you tell them how you feel and when you get rejected, you’re crushed. *Badum Chush* I’ll go home. Anyways, welcome to another life lesson where life just stinks sometimes. Today’s topic are crushes and not the soda brand. Those people whose existence alone is just absolutely beautiful. Just me? Okay. No matter how many we’d imagine to be with this person, sometimes they’re not into us. Here are some signs that show you that they are not that into you.

You Are Called By Your Last Name – This is normal in the environment of NJROTC but sorry to break it to you normal people, you’re in the friend zone. It could be that your last name is easier to say than your first name. I am that example. Once it’s a normal thing to be called by your last name by your crush then you’re in the buddy territory, my friend.

You’re A Regular In The Family – This one is somewhat common in the relationship but this is with crushes so it’s different. If everyone in your crushes family knows every aspect of your existence, you’re in the family as like a cousin Oliver type of dude. Let’s say like Grandma Betty asks when you two are going to get together and your crush nervously laughs and says, “we’re just friends”. Ugh. Soul still hurts.

They Keep Trying To Set You Up With Other People – This one is a bit obvious. So you’re planning on when to make your move on your crush then they start talking about one of their “super awesome” friends and tries to set up a date. Whether or not how awesome that friend turns out to be, that’s not the person who want to be with.

They Don’t Commit To Plans – So it’s time to make your move. You invite your crush for a super casual hangout session in a cute but not crazy place. You send a cool but sincere text inviting them and then you wait. Hours and days go by. This should be a red flag then you get a text back saying something like, “uhm yeah I might be able to make it.” I’m not saying that someone should be jumping through hoops for you but they should at least put in the effort and want to see you.

You’re Their Shoulder To Cry On – This goes for everyone in your life but if the person you’re into only calls when things are bad or they need something, maybe it’s time to take stock of what your relationship really means. Also, if they come to you complaining about someone else in their life that isn’t you, that’s even worse. Seriously guys, you’re worth more than this. Being a human punching bag for someone to use for venting just sucks. A real relationship means sharing the good times and the bad.

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