La Feria Literaria- The Literary Fair

La Feria Literaria- The Literary Fair

Ariana Juarez, Contributor

The literacy fair would take place on May 31, like every continues year it would take place here at Hueneme high school.

The literary fair will be held on May 31, 2019 as every consecutive year.

This fair is preformed by the students of Spanish at Hueneme High School.

Spanish students are responsible for developing children’s stories books, educational activities games that express the Latin history, and to take care and provide security to the event as well to the assistants.

Although this year will not have the plays that AP 4 Spanish classes have presented in the past years.

The Fair would be as nice as any other past year, and would have others different activities to offer the little ones.

The fair has as well a ring where luchadores performance, and show how the luchas are done in Mexico.

This would be my second year participated in the fair and the last as well.

We always end with great satisfaction of have give some of our knowledge to the little ones and encourage them to continued learning Spanish as well  to preserved the customs and traditions from Latin america.




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