Aquatics Class

Aquatics Class

Ariana Juarez, Contributor

The aquatics class or swimming class here at Hueneme high school is offered only during 4th period.The class allows you to learn how to swim in different styles or to continue developing new skills if taking the class continues years.

The class is presented to any grade in Hueneme high school and counts as a PE class or Elective class credits which meets with the A-G requirements. Hueneme high School is one of the few school that offer a swimming class here in Oxnard CA.

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The class is very requested from students but as any other class here on campus it has certain capacity that can not be exceeded.

In my opinion there should exist more class periods where the class can be given, the way more students can experience the class and at the same time learn a new skill that would benefit in the future.

Hopefully next year, the school administration will take into account the opinion of the students and add a couple of periods for this class and in this way give more students the opportunity to participate and experience this great class.

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