A Suggestion for Freshmen

A Suggestion for Freshmen

Citlali Diaz, Contributor

Dear freshmen,

Welcome to high schoolfour years filled with vastly different experiences for everyone. It’s not like the movies or shows, at least it wasn’t for me, but everyone spends their last mandatory years of education differently. For some, high school is one of the highest moments of their lives. For others, it is simply four years to get through. Regardless of what it is for you, one thing remains the same for everyone: we all have to go to school; we have to live through these years. 

That is why my piece of advice is to truly make the most of the high school experience. Go to the football, basketball, and other sports games. Go to the rallies and dances, even if you think it’s “cringey.” Participate in the silly lunch events. The worst that can happen is that you get bored and leave, but even that still leaves you with another memory of your youth, which one day in the future you can share with others. 

Use these events as an opportunity to hang out with your friends, or better yet, to make more friends. My freshman year, my friend canceled on going to Homecoming last minute, but having already bought the ticket, I still went. The night did not start with the people I thought it would have, but it ended with my having met new individuals that I still talk to today.

The pandemic took a year and a half from most of our high school experience; we only had senior year to take all we could get. One thing we can learn from Covid is that no one knows what is going to happen in the world; we have to live in the moment while we can. So make the memories that you can smile upon, even memories that will leave you laughing at a younger you. Just don’t sit around and regret. 


A content senior (Class of 2022)