Senior Jesus Vasquez and Other HHS Basketball Players Describe Their Work Ethic and How They Get Better

October 12, 2022

        Hueneme Highschool Star Basketball players describe their work ethic and how they improve when they step on the court.

        All of these players work out either here at school at the gym or go to a public gym to strengthen the physical part of basketball. Each of these players started lifting weights to help them get physically stronger. Jesus Vasquez emphasizes, “focus on what I can control” implying the focus he has is what he can control and the consistency of his workouts day and night is what he holds. Each player averaged about four times a week of physical workouts. I asked Jacob Cunningham, “If you had a better diet, would you play better?” To which he responds with, “If I had a better diet, I would play better.” I also asked Christopher Juanillo if his diet affects him in any way. He said, “In some ways, it does affect my game, like burgers and fries, which slow me down.” These responses suggest that better diets will result in better performance on the basketball court.

 Not only is physical fitness important, but also mental preparation. After speaking with several of our HHS basketball players, I have gained a better understanding of the importance of a player’s mental strength. Senior, Jesus Vasquez, has his own unique approach; “Mental preparedness already comes if you work hard” articulating his key to mentally preparing himself by consistently working hard. Music has also proven to be beneficial to the players I interviewed. Music tends to control moods or hype up moods but in this case, it helps Jacob Cunningham and Christopher Juanillo  “lock in” whenever going into a workout or a game.

       These Hueneme High School basketball players do a lot to get better. Being physically skilled at the sport is one thing, but being mentally strong is just as important. There will always be ups and downs along the way toward getting better at basketball, but it’s the determination to surpass and stay consistent. As Christopher Juanillo says, “Play the game constantly.” Each player is unique in their playing style, but these players have something in common which is their consistency in working harder to be better than who they were last practice or last game. Dedication is key and these Hueneme basketball players demonstrate that.

      To have been able to experience some of this with them during the 2021-2022 Winter basketball season was amazing. I’m definitely looking forward to the 2022-23 Winter basketball season! If anybody is interested in tryouts or practices contact Coach Marty at [email protected] for additional information.



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