Freshmen Advice


Dulce Castillo, Contributor

Goal-Setting for School Success This Year - Oxford LearningI have many, many pieces of advice for incoming freshmen or anyone who needs advice. My top school educational advice is; never tell anyone, even your closest friends what your goals are. High School may seem either a good or bad experience for anyone. You may be friends with someone that has been with you since, let’s say middle school and you know that they will never hope for the worst for you.

At times there are some decisions that are made when you become friends with someone who seems as if they desire you but in reality they really envy you. Now this may seem “irrelevant” but this is the point. Everyone has goals throughout their lives saying, “ I want to join the basketball team”, “ I’m going to retake my math test during lunch.” You tell all of this to your friends all because it makes you happy at the same time there are people in high school where they don’t want to see you be happy.

As to the sayings some may respond to “ You’ll be the best in the basketball team” or “ If you want we can go to the library so you can study for your math retake.” There are some people who may respond with “ I don’t think you’ll look good playing basketball you’ll just be wasting your time” or “You have a C in her class you don’t have to retake the test just come hang out with us instead.” All to either encourage you or bring you down enough to not make you want to do your goals. Now this doesn’t just go out to friends it could also be from family.

The best thing you can do is tell yourself what your goals are and do them by yourself. Yes, this means that you’ll sometimes be by yourself. I know you freshmen don’t want to be a “loner” but once you get older you’ll see that it’s better to be by yourself. This doesn’t mean to be entirely by yourself. You could have people who have good intentions around you and help you physically and emotionally.

Overall, never let anything or anyone distract you over your goals. I know that the drama and that one cute boy on campus or in class is interesting. First accomplish what you need to accomplish on that day and then see if everything else is worth it.