The AP Classes Of Hueneme High School

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November 30, 2022

AP classes are part of the experience of college that HHS can give to students in their junior or senior years. According to The California Department of Education, “the AP program provides incentives for public high schools in California to provide access to rigorous, college-level courses for interested and prepared students. With such programs, students may pursue college-level work while still in secondary school and receive college credit, advanced academic standing, or both.”

Mr. Cabral, an HHS AP Spanish teacher since 2001, commented, “There are no requirements to be in an AP class but, the students should be ready for being in an AP class or else they would not have a good experience.” AP classes are known for giving you university credits if you pass the AP test. Another benefit of taking an AP class is that the students will have the benefit of experiencing college-level classes. 

Mr. Cabral also mentions, “students may have to sacrifice some of their time as they have to focus on the class but, in the end, they will be ready for university and adult life.” The differences between AP classes and regular classes are that AP classes have stricter rules and higher, more rigorous academic standards. This will help students become more mature and prepared for college-level life. One anonymous HHS senior had this to say about “their” AP class: “At the start it was hard, but with more learning, I got to be better and pass the class and I had university classes over the summer that had the same level of demand as an AP class.”

AP classes can give you university credits so that you can get ahead with your courses in college/university. Students should prepare themselves for their academic future.

Do you think that you are ready for an AP class? If you do, then try an AP class and reflect on the advantages this class will provide.

If you are interested in enrolling in an AP class, talk with your school counselor and request a placement. You can also choose to take an AP test that is scheduled in May, instead of a semester-long class. The cost of this test is $96 dollars unless you are already enrolled in an AP class, in which case the test is free. If you think about what it takes to be in an AP class, try it so that your academic skills improve and you will be more prepared for college. 

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