To all the expensive kids out there…


Lynette Jimenez, Editor

Hey y’all! Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, which means… APPRECIATE YOUR LOVED ONES. 


I know I know, Thanksgiving is meant to appreciate your loved ones and we will leave our thanks for that day and move forward for Christmas. However, Christmas is also meant for appreciating your loved ones, especially your parents and relatives who buy you gifts, particularly if you are an expensive person. Think about your parents who are working hard to buy you a present, most particularly the parents who are making sacrifices and suffering through Black Friday. 

Thanksgiving break is one day away, so hang in there. Have fun during your one week off and make sure that come Thanksgiving day, show off as much appreciation to your family as possible. Even a small thanks does wonders. 

Also, remember when you are telling your parents what you want for Christmas (don’t act like you don’t do that) to tell them that you love and appreciate them for even buying you an expensive present. 


ALSOOOOOO, the question of the day issssss….


Milk or cereal first?