The Myth of Hello Kitty

Dulce Castillo, Contributor

The true and terrifying story about the origins of “Hello Kitty” doll - Dazzling News

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Hello Kitty was first published in March 1975 and was created in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu. Hello Kitty is a Japanese series and it was dubbed in English as a TV series. This show is about “Kitty” who is a little girl kitten who lives with her mother, father and her twin sister “Mimmy” and in between the shows they each learn life lessons. You can’t lie that hello kitty is a nice cute looking little cat that the world loves, but for others they don’t see it as a little cute cat. There have been myths and theories that hello kitty was created and helped by the devil and a satanic pact. 

This story starts in the 1970’s with a mother making a deal with the devil in order to save her 14 year old daughter who suffered from cancer, to be more specific it was cancer in the mouth. The worried mother tried to figure out how to save her daughter since the doctors told the mother that there was nothing that they could do for her daughter. After hearing the news she then started worshiping and praying to the devil, he then instructed her to create a cute looking kitty or a cartoon character in return to save her daughter. 

It got to a point where in the European Union authorities had made a fine towards the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty for restricting cross-border online sales that has anything to do with mugs, toys, bags, and other products that have the hello kitty on it. The reason for this is so others wouldn’t support this so-called deal with the devil cartoon character.