Maskfishing ladies and gentlemen. We have all been there before. 


Lynette Jimenez, Editor

If you aren’t aware, mask fishing is synonymous with catfishing. It is when someone looks better with their masks on and once they take their masks off, that is a huge no-no. We have all had that experience when we admire a girl or boy’s face and imagine you having a life with them, but once you see them without a mask on, the chances of you ever liking them decreases.

With the new age of masks and the fact that COVID is not going away any time soon, at least in California, citizens are still required to wear their masks. Chances are if you meet somebody, their faces will look very different from what you have imagined and if anything, if you really like the person with their masks on, you will care far more for their personality than their actual face. 

Since there is a new age of dating and meeting people, it is important for people to be more open-minded. Just picture this scenario: you meet a guy or a girl or a nonbinary person. With their mask on. You spend a day with him without him or her taking off their masks because obviously, COVID, and it is better to be safe than sorry. After a while passes, you think they are cute and you may or might not like they’re personality and BAM. He or she or they take off their mask and your life comes crashing down because the image you had of them on your head is way better looking than their actual face. Now, you are faced with a dilemma: continue talking to the person even if their face is different from your imagination or walk away. 

I have been maskfished so many times it’s embarrassing. I have admired people from afar and thought they were so fine, but once I caught a glimpse of their actual face, I walked away- not like I had any hope of being with them anyway. 

Anyways folks, moral of the story: don’t judge a book by their cover (as cliche as that sounds). This applies to anything, not just masks. Stay safe yall and remember: WHERE YOUR MASKS, especially since there is a new virant: omicron.