What is love without love?

What is love without love?

Dulce Castillo, Contributor

The three love theory

In our lifetime, we get into relationships. In those relationships there will be a time and place when one person first utters the controversial, “I love you.” Many people may have said it, but do they really mean it? There is a saying that as we form romantic relationships, we have only really loved three people. Each person that we fall in love with are categorized into the big three: first love, intense love, and the final love.

The First Love: The first love is most likely known as the love that is rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns. Our first loves tend to be the ones we fall hard for and have an emotional attachment to them. After all, they are the first person you fell in love with. This person seems important enough to the point that the relationships seems like it will last (to all the middle schoolers out there). Until the love crashes and burns because you realize, it was not meant to be and developed unhealthy habits from your first ever relationship. There is a saying that goes that the first heartbreak from your first love will hurt the most and it takes time to heal and develop growth because your first love is the one that got away (or you were probably the one to). 

The Intense Love: The second love is the soul-crushing, devastating, intense one. It’ll hurt because there will be arguments and then those arguments lead to drama, then those lead to lies, manipulation, and tears. This love will either break or strengthen you and overtime, you will learn lessons that determine your actions and perspective in the relationship. It is ironic to think that your first love/heartbreak was the hardest, but in reality, the first love was preparing you for the best and worst in the second love. It won’t be easy moving on, but going forward, you will pick yourself back up just like you did in the first relationship. For a while, you will stop believing in love and hate the idea of love. However, you will also know what you want out of love and work on yourself some more.

The Final love: The first two loves affect you to the point that you put a wall between the people that love and care about you, and it is difficult to have someone bypass that wall. Someone will… unexpectedly. It’ll creep up to you without you even realizing it. They will come into your life slowly and effectively you will fall for them and your once hardened and frozen heart will melt away, surely but slowly. With this love, you will see the difference with the way they act and make you feel as compared to the last two. You will embrace and love all of their imperfections and nuances. This love… is the love that defiles all odds.