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Lynette Jimenez, Editor

Hello! I am Lynette Jimenez and I am currently a senior in Hueneme High School. I am an Oxnard native and have lived here since I was born. Although I love Oxnard and its weather, I would love to attend a university next year and hopefully (at this time) attend one out-of-state. I love eating sushi, ramen, pasta, Chick-fil-a, and basically any comfort food. I love salty food over sweet and would choose it any time of the day. The only exception is cheesecake. I love laying down on my bed, without anyone bothering me, and scrolling through my phone. I also like sleeping and reading. Most of the time, I am either thinking of my bed or food. I also like interesting or funny people--so if you're one of those, definitely see me, which is ironic because one of my pet peeves are people. Also, if you bring me food, you're my favorite person :)))!!!

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Lynette Jimenez