3 Of My Favorite Food Places

3 Of My Favorite Food Places

Ximena Ortega, Contributor

By far, my only talent is that I can fit an entire Dorito chip in my mouth without breaking it. That’s because I love to eat food. I’m not like other students that like to try out different foods, I eat the same things all the time. I eat at the same places and eat all the same foods at home. These are my 3 favorite places to eat at.

  1. In-N-Out: I really love In-N-Out. I’ve done an article on the history of In-N-Out. You should totally go read it. Anyways, I enjoy In-N-Out and they have some awesome merchandise. My favorite order is the number one which is the double double burger, drink, and fries. I absolutely love the animal fries and the hot chocolate which I honestly didn’t know they had until a few months ago. If you haven’t been to In-N-Out then you’re not human. Also if you’re that boy who works in the drive-thru on Friday nights, hi.
  2. Toppers: Oof, this one hits close to home. I have been going to Toppers pretty much my entire life so it’s been a good life. I absolutely love getting a large mushroom pizza with friends or my family. Also if you don’t eat mushroom then you’re not human. The locations of Toppers are mostly in South California in Oxnard, Channel Islands Harbor, Ventura, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and Canyon Country. So that’s awesome. If you haven’t been to Toppers, what’re doing with your life? Go now.
  3. Taqueria Caporales: I’m so freaking glad that this place is a 5 minute walk from my house. This restaurant has some good food especially the tortas. They have mostly traditional Mexican food along with burgers. You read that right. Burgers. It’s on Hueneme road on the corner of Perkins road. If you don’t eat tortas, why? First of all, why?

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