Restaurants During COVID-19


Brenda Victorio, Contributor

Covid-19 has caused so many closures and has created negative effects the state of California. From my experience, it has been a really rough time for my family and me. It’s really hard for a family like mine to stay home with the whole city shut down. It has been boring and stressful for us. We are the type of people to have family dinners here and there. With the pandemic, it has been nearly impossible for us to have a day like that. In California, all restaurants have shut down dining in and are ether offering dining outside which is very limited and you have to wait couple minutes to be seated, curbside pick up or delivery which costs. There option were not on our minds. It was not something that we thought we would have to do. 

Eating at restaurants looks different all around the world. It’s crazy that some places haven’t changed at all, whereas others have changed everything about how they operate. There are pros and cons to this situation. Due to Covid, closing down restaurants and having to dine out months after has been the best that they’ve done and the best choice they could’ve taken but some are disappointed. I think the pros are that everyone will stay safe and healthy. Not just the customers but the employees risking it who are working as hard. However, dining outside can be sucky. It gets cold and very uncomfortable. I have heard of so many restaurants that have been closing here and there for 1-2 weeks due to employees catching the virus. That can also affect this whole situation because they lose a job as well as customers. Overall, from my experience, I just rather eat at home. There are many people who dine out and are six feet apart but can still be quite risky. 

It’s safe to go out and eat if you’re doing it cautiously. It’s also a great idea to support all our small businesses opening up, independently-owned and taco trucks which there are a lot of during these times. For example, the birria tacos that are trending are a really good choice. I recommend trying the consume with the tacos. I wonder when we will ever go back to going out and eating out normally again!!?