From Me to You- Freshman Edition

From Me to You- Freshman Edition

Lynette Jimenez, Editor

Alright Freshmen, listen up! If you are a high-achieving student (or want to be one) and want to know the secrets to getting a high GPA and class rank, then the process is very simple. First of all, you have to take rigorous courses- such as Honors and AP; that is the first step. If you’ve done this first step, then you’re set for the four years of your life. However, the question of how to get high ranks is very simple. The secret to being at the top of this class is…just turn in the assignments. Simple, right?

Take it from someone who has taken the most AP and honors classes: me. For my entire four years of high school, I’ve gotten a great class rank and GPA just because I turned in the assignments. You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you don´t turn in the assignments and get low grades, then what does that make you? I’ve known so many students who are smart and have potential to do great things, but the downside is that they don´t turn in the assignments; therefore, their grades are decent, but nor the best. 

There are students who may not be smart, however, their GPA skyrockets because they turn in the assignments and try their best. Turning in assignments is the key to ensuring that you are set for college applications and scholarships. Trust me, coming from a senior, it does wonders. 

Also, don’t slack off, and do your work on time, especially for sophomore and junior year (that is what colleges are looking into). Freshman listen up! Be very nice and respectful to your teachers because I guarantee you that they will make these four years the easiest for you. Be mature and don’t think you´re cool because chances are, you´re not–to be completely honest. Do the work, turn in assignments on time, be nice to your teachers, and take rigorous courses. You will see that the work and effort you put into school will pay off. 

Also–do extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, volunteer hours, etc). It’s very important because that is what colleges look into. Be attentive and aware of how you are acting and doing in high school. The last thing you want is to look back your senior year and realize that you didn’t amount to anything. Be smart about what you are doing now!