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Saray Cortez, Contributor

 I’m saray and this is my LIFE story. As a kid, we all know that our childhood is different. Some maybe have it easy and some won’t. Well, mine was pretty tough … As a kid I would hardly see my mom, she was always busy working. She was a single parent at 16 and had to provide for me. Then she met my sister’s dad and now he was “loving and caring ” with me when my mom was around but when she was gone he would physically abuse me and even threatened me. My mom found out and left him. My mom then turned to alcohol and she would mentally abuse me …telling me that I wasn’t worth it, that I’m a disappointment, and that I’m useless. Since my mom was always busy drinking my aunt or so to call (second mom) she was always taking care of me. She then met this man and married him. Since I was over at her place most of the time at the age of 9 he sexually abused me. I never told anyone about it until I got depressed back in jr high. I was failing my classes and my counselor called me out to talk to me and ask me what was going on. I talked to her and she got me into counseling. Counseling did help and that’s where I met my ex. we helped each other get out of depression even though I was and am the type of person to say I got this and suffer in silence. I talked to her because she was a good listener, and was pretty much there for me. I always wanted to vent to my mom but I couldn’t and still can’t without her giving me a lecture or talking about god. I needed my mom when I was going through those hard times and now when she wants me to talk to her I don’t because it would be me pretty much talking to a wall because she isn’t that good of a listener might as well talk to myself, but there are people and counselors who will listen and let us vent to them and we all need someone like that in our lives.

We are not alone in this and I learned that there are people out there suffering what we have been through. We can’t shut the world out. We have to talk to someone when we are going through stuff even when we think they might not get it. Just because if we hold things in we are just harming ourselves even more than what we already are. We all need some saving at some point and we have to let ourselves be saved. Depression, sexual, mental, and physical abuse is no joke, so talk to someone, so we can get the help we need to achieve in this tough life.

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