Top 5 best Hamstring and Glute Workouts

Dulce Castillo

Hip Thrust Standards for Men and Women (kg) - Strength Level

  • Hip Thrusts: Hip Thrusts is the best to target your whole glutes including the maximus, medius and minimus, as well as your hamstrings and quads. In order to target your whole glutes while doing Hip Thrusts, you will have to Lie on your back with your arms by your sides, your knees bent and your feet planted on the ground. Squeeze your glutes, press through your heels and drive your hips up so you form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Hold for a second at the top of the move, then lower slowly ( As a first starter, you may just want to only do the bar and then add up weight.
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  • Romanian Dead-lift (Rdl’s): Rdl’s can be done with barbells and dumbbells all up to your personal preference. You grab a weight up off of the floor and pull it up to stand. Using the muscles in your glutes and core after that you will go back down repeating. As going down whenever you’re ready you will want to bend your knees slightly in order to target your glutes and for keeping your knees straight you will need to keep your knees The deficit reverse lunge - Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapiesstraight.
  • Reverse lunges: Reverse lunges can be acted upon three ways. The first way is to get a whole barbell with your desired weight. Put it on your back shoulders and either left or right leg back and go down and up. You could also repeat this with dumbbells.
    Lying Leg Curls: Hamstring Training Secrets Most People Will Never Know About
  • Leg curls: Lie on your back. Put your calves and heels on a stability ball.Move your hips upward until your body is straight. Engage your glutes. Slowly lift your hips and bend your knees.Extend your knees and lower your hips and back to the floor.
    Good Mornings | Illustrated Exercise Guide

    • Good Mornings: Good Mornings can be targeted through both glute and hamstrings. To start with good mornings first you will need to get a weighted barbell and put it over your back shoulders. If so targeting your hamstrings, you will need to stand into a narrow position. As for glutes, you will need to stand into a wide position.