Breonna Taylor


John Cruz, Contributor

On March 13, 2020, sometime after midnight, a resident of Louisville, Kentucky,  Breonna Taylor was fatally shot 6 times in her home in Louisville, Kentucky.   By the following officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove. That day, the officers had entered her residence with a search warrant.  They had knocked but no answer I believe so the officers went in forcefully.  As they entered the house  Breonna’s husband thought they were intruders so he let off a warning shot.  After that, the officers fired back with 32 shots resulting in 6 of those shots killing Breonna Taylor.  

When the community found out about the shooting, they were furious because they believed it was a hate crime and at that time the Louisville police department wasn’t doing anything to the cops but as the community was outraged the Mayor started to notice.  The mayor said that officer  Brett Hankison is being fired and the other two officers have been put on administrative leave.  After the whole thing happened, there started to be riots across the world.  It’s got to a point where her name is being yelled at anti-racism riots.  

In my opinion, I feel that those officers are wrong for letting off 32 shots into her residence, and yes I do get that her boyfriend believed they were intruders, so he shot once basically warning the officers.  So if you ask me, those officers are wrong for what they did and that all of those officers should face the consequences and not just be put on administrative leave; they all should have been fired.  

Also, none of the officers involved with Breonna Taylor have been charged with murder the only charges and arrest they have made was 3 counts of Wanton endangerment and the officer accused and arrested was Officer Brett Hankinson he was charged with Wanton Endangerment.  That is crazy what the officer is being charged with I feel that all the officers should be charged with murder.

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