Who was Samuel Little?

Who was Samuel Little?

Maria Lopez, Contributor

Samuel Little was one of America’s deadliest serial killers. He confessed to strangling 93 women of color between 1970 and 2005. He sketched drawings of what his victims looked like. When he died, so did the ability to identify many of his victim.

Samuel Little: serial killer's hand drawn portraits may help FBI identify victims | CNNLittle’s Background

Little got away with killing for so long because he only murdered women who were ruled as overdoses, accidental or undetermined cases. He thought that he wouldn’t get caught because no one was accounting for the victims.

Little committed his first murder on New Years Eve 1970 in Miami and his last murder was in 2005 in Tupelo, Mississippi. 

He was caught when authorities tracked him down using DNA testing to determine that he was involved in 3 murders of women in the 1980’s and then he got arrested.


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