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Juan Flores, Contributor

Hi, my name is Juan 

I’m a junior at Hueneme High School.

I like to hit the gym to stay in shape and its a way of meditating.

I love pineapple on my pizza because it gives it a fresh taste.

I played soccer for most of my life as a safe and healthy alternative 

to have fun.

My favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona because I’m a big fan of Messi.

My favorite subject at school its science because I learn about how the universe works.

My favorite season of the year is winter because I love spending Christmas with my family.

During the weekends I to go to parties to eat food and dance.

My favorite app on my phone is snapchat because that's the app I use to stay in touch with my friends.

I’m planning on becoming an architect because I like to design and improve things.

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Juan Flores