Top 10 Richest Presidential Candidates

Juan Flores, Contributor

It is no secret that presidential candidates such as current President Donald Trump are worth millions of dollars. If you were wondering who the richest candidates are well here is a list of the top ten richest candidates.

  1. Michael Bloomberg: $53.4 Billion
  2. Donald Trump: $3.1 Billion
  3. Tom Steyer: $1.6 Billion
  4. John Delaney: $200 Million
  5. Micheal Bennet: $15 Million
  6. Elizabeth Warren: $12 Million
  7. Joe Bidden: $9 Million
  8. Kamala Harris: $6 Million
  9. Joe Sestak: $6 Million
  10. Beto O’Rouke

Image result for moneyEven though these candidates might make more money this is what they make public.

Source: Google

Picture Credit: Google