The Bottled Water Industry


Steven Depolo

Juan Flores, Contributor

Buying a water bottle is relatively cheap compared to other drinks but this industry is doing pretty good on revenue. The bottled water industry is currently worth 8 billion dollars in the United States. Americans alone consume more than 10.1 billion gallons of water every year, making the U.S. the second country that buys the most bottled water. China holds the number one spot with almost 10.5 billion gallons of water consumed and Mexico comes in third place with 8.2 billion gallons of water consumed every year.


Bottled water is not just regular that can be poured in a bottle and sold. This water has to be purified through various methods to ensure that it passes standards required by the government to ensure that is safe for people to consume. In this process, minerals are added to add flavor to the water, so what do you think? Does water have different tastes?


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