Interview on Syerra Rodriguez

Kimberly Barajas , contributor

  • What’s your favorite animal? Why?

” A husky because their so playful and once you get them as a puppy you see how they grow. ”

  • What’s your dream job? Why? 

“To become a cosmetologist because I would enjoy doing different things within the cosmetology field. ”

  • What’s your favorite sport? Why?

” My favorite sport is swimming because you can enjoy the flow of water and it also helps to relieve stress and anger.”

  • Who is your favorite music artist?

” Kehlani because the rhythm of her music is peaceful.”

  • What are your plans after high school? 

” My plans after high school are to become a cosmetologist because I would enjoy learning different things in the cosmetology field.”

  • What is your favorite clothing brand?

” I personally don’t have a favorite clothing brand I just happen to get my clothes wherever I find cute clothes.”

  • Who is your role model in life?

” My role model has to be both of my parents because they try and work really hard for everything we have. They are very independent people and they put their family firs before anything else.”

  • What your favorite food? Why?

” Shrimp chicken alfredo is my favorite because I enjoy the way my mom makes it”

  • What do you like to do in your free time? 

” I like to spend time for myself, take my parents out, and hang out with my friends”