Top 10 most viewed stories on The Voyager


Brycen Cusson, Contributor

There is many Stories on this website but this story will go over the top 10 most viewed on the site.

10.  With 26 views Hueneme’s Cross Country  By Agustin Armenta, Contributor

9.  Also with 26 Views The New U.S. Army Vehicles By Guillermo Marron, Contributor

8. Next with 29 views 6 Big Celebrities that Died in 2018  By Agustin Armenta, Contributor

7. Then with 33 views 3 cool landmarks to visit in the U.S. By Brianna izquierdo, Contributor

6. Just above that with 36 views  What Is Down Syndrome ? By Maria Aguirre, Contributor

5.  with only two more views at 38, Why is Dasani water bad for you By Michelle Ceja, Contributor

4. coming in with 46 views Ten Top Favorite Living Things By Mikaella Dela Cruz, Contributor

3.  Then jumping into the 50s with 54 views The 2019 BMW M2 By Juan Vazquez, contributor

2. With 58 views coming in 2nd, Tekashi 69 arrested By Leobardo Rodriguez, Contributor

1.  In first place by a huge margin, with 178 views Top 10 Strongest Military Branches In The World By Ernesto barrios, Contributor

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