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Meet the Contributor: Mikaella Dela Cruz
Konnichiwa, My name is Mikaella Dela Cruz, I am eighteen years old and this year I’m a senior at HHS. I’ve been to more than 5 different schools my whole entire life because my dad’s in the Navy and we often move a lot. I guess you can say that I’m a military brat, The last base that we lived at before coming  to Hueneme is at Misawa, Japan. I cheered and played basketball in Japan at my old school for three years. I lived in Misawa for four and a half years and I call it my home because that's where I grew up half of my teen years. I learned a lot about the culture because I went to school filled with different ethnicity’s. I gotta say I love California, the big malls, the beach and the weather but I miss having the four year seasons. Having to see the cherry blossoms, feeling the hot humid air, seeing the big tree leafs fall on the ground and playing in the snow. When I graduate I’ll be joining the Air force and will definitely go back to Misawa, Japan to experience the many other things I didn’t do when I was there.

Mikaella Dela Cruz, Contributor

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