How it Felt Being in Publication Class

Joshua Sarmina, Contributor

Publication class was an experience I thought would have been different. Like, I thought we would have to write specific articles, but in turn, it was a nice experience, to begin with. I had fun writing my own articles; it was a nice twist on things during school time.

I got to write about articles that I liked that would hopefully put a smile on a person’s face, make the person reading the articles learn something new, hit them in their creative spot and do something new, or even help them to try to bake/cook something to make them feel happy–but the thing that I wanted readers to know more than anything is that in dark times, there is always a bright light. You just need to keep your head up to look for it.

My articles consisted of things that would help a person out. For instance, one of my articles is called “Keep That Smile.” I wrote about how there are ways to cope with hard times, that there are people out who care for you, and hopefully, when you are reading it, you realize even random people can care for others, even when they don’t know each other. It’s a strange world even during these kinds of times, so it would be the logical reason to be friendly as possible even when nobody is looking or when nobody even knows that you did it.

Thanks to the class, I got that chance to write articles that people would hopefully see and give them a smile. Thanks to that class, I’ve even got a morale boost from what I was writing. Thanks to the teacher, Mrs.Wright, who helped me see my mistakes in writing and even showed the other students some ways of not trying to get into trouble with copyright and correcting us when we needed it.

If you are going to do publication, just remember to write what you enjoy. Just don’t be mean, don’t copy other articles, and don’t write hurtful or disgusting things. People will see and think of you as a rude person, so I have chosen to write things I enjoy and make people happy.

Since this is my final article and final year in high school, I will leave you with these final words from me:

Think of life as a boxing fight and the people cheering you on are the people, pets, things, etc. who you care about you. They cheer you on with every step you take. On the other side, there are people who call you trash and say you have nothing to give and of course life is your opponent. Think that the good days you have in life are the punches you throw making life easier to handle. Still, those bad days are punches thrown by life, but when you look back and realize that you had more good days or there will be better times in the future, get back up and keep on fighting.

DON’T LOSE! Even when you get knocked down to the ground and they think you’re done for, they’ll sure as heck be surprised when you get back up.

From your friendly & optimistic friend,

Josh S.