Keep Your Smile

Joshua Sarmina, Contributor

In a day where sadness envelops you, there are multiple ways to cope. Of course, there are ways that make it worse like being angry, being rude to other people, doing things you’ll regret in the future, and other things–these are negative ways to make yourself feel good again. So let me give you some ideas that will help you. Remember, after a storm, there is always a rainbow or a shining sun waiting for you to look up and smile.

Happy Videos

A happy video is one of the first things that will help bring keep your smile. I’m not here to judge what you like or dislike I’m just here to help and in a way here. There are videos that put a smile on my face, so I’m hoping it will for you as well. There are videos called r/mademesmile, wholesome memes, cooking videos, baking videos, kind-hearted streamers, r/blessed images, and just normal meme videos. Remember, one way to make yourself feel happy is wanting to do what you want or watch.


Try Some New Hobbies

This gets you up and going to do many things that make you happy. Trying new things like sports that get your adrenaline going–heck not only that–you get exercise which boosts up your confidence. There are sports like basketball, soccer, archery, rugby, and baseball. You could even try playing an instrument like a guitar, violin, piano, banjo, or even try instruments that people have never heard of that will make people feel fascinated by your skills such as a hurdy-gurdy, steel pan, ocarina, etc. Knowing that you can do these sorts of things is an amazing trait. Not only would you be doing things you enjoy, but you might even make people be amazed at your skills.



Exercise is an amazing feeling, knowing that your body is getting the challenge it needs. However, when you know you’re getting a workout done, you begin having this great feeling of accomplishment. Try things like squats, jogging in place, sit-ups, burpees, weight lifting, push-ups. Look up videos of different kinds of exercise. Try doing different kinds of exercise and doing more reps, more weights, and more time. This can build up your confidence, and you’ll feel healthier.



Friends and Family

Family Friends Community - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

Don’t forget you have people who want to help you when you feel sad. Family and friends are people you need to trust with some problems you have–maybe not all of your problems, but they can help when you are feeling down. Play games and sports with them, talk and make jokes with them. Making memories with family and friends is very important for your health as well. Having support from family and friends is a motivational booster; it’s nice when you know you are not alone.



One thing you should know about art is that it’s not what other people think about it; it’s not about how professional it needs to be. However, it’s all about how you want your art to be. You need to enjoy things the way you want them to be, and you don’t need other people’s opinions to make you know your art is perfect, You can make the drawing into whatever. Make sure you are drawing something you enjoy like a 3d dragon or your favorite character from a show. Improvement takes time too. There is no need to be angry for it being difficult; all you need is to be calm and draw whatever you want to, and with practice, you’ll be perfect. And if you think you have enough skill, you can even make money by trying to draw for people.


Remember that life isn’t just about how rich or popular you are in the world. It’s how good of a life you had. If you are known as popular and rich and did nothing with that like help others or just complain how you have problems that nobody cares about, then it’s just not meant to be. Being known as a rich person but not doing anything to help others is just boring and makes you look like you don’t care. However, being known as someone who uses their popularity and money for great things like charities, giving things away, and/or being kind is something I’d like to be known for. For instance, there are kind and generous people who have passed away and we still know their names like Bob Ross, Steve Erwin, Mr. Rogers, and even more kind souls. Popularity and money don’t bring happiness, but using them to help others sure do. So, my final message is being kind is one of the greatest things to be known for.