Games That Can Test Your Skills

Joshua Sarmina


Terraria | Javier Domínguez Ferreiro | Flickr

Terraria has this calm feeling when you what to create your own base the way you want it to go big and have other players or NPCs join in the house or go small and make your own cabin home, not only you can make your own home you can craft or find new items that can make things easier and more fun experience. Even though you may encounter monsters that will be a bit difficult to do what you need or want to do but it adds more excitement to the game, even more, when you get to fight a boss.



Little Nightmares 1&2

Final Little Nightmares DLC Out Now! | The final episode bor… | Flickr

A game with scares and puzzles you need to solve not only that you’ll also need to try to stay alive and away from the things that can instantly get you to restart. This game can test your reaction time how ready you are and how fast you can do it. Other than that it is a game that is wonderfully made it makes the player feel odd and constantly on the edge, but still the game is wonderfully made and can make you either make the whole game in one run with no failure or your panic will make you fail instantly.



Dark Souls Series

Dark Souls Series Hits 27 Million Sales, Dark Souls 3 Sold 10 Million

Dark souls is a game that focuses on your reaction time and timing on knowing what to do it also can help test your patience, anger, and even teamwork. The game is fantastic even throughout its years, the game is about you trying to get to a final destination but of course, many dangers are ahead and those dangers will become a bigger challenge along the way so you’ll need to be ready and use your timing correctly. Not only does the game test you on your actions but what you do as a team or enemy because you can play with or against players or friends, either help or betray use a friend as a meat shield or become the meat shield be paranoid and stay far away or get very up close and personal.

VR: Beat Saber

Update] 'Beat Saber' is Getting 40+ New Free Beat Maps Next Week – Road to  VR

Beat Saber uses songs and puts them into the game, you as the player need to hit boxes that have arrows or dots on them pointing a direction where you need to swing. The game is fantastically made for players who are into rhythm games and want to test out their skill on timing and rhythm, to a cool nice song, or even go all out and test your skills on a song that has fast beats. It might take a while to get it all in one go but with practice and more time, you will do great.


VR: Super Hot

Superhot VR | PlayStation Europe | Flickr

Super Hot a game that is mainly you trying to pass levels by fighting through a couple of levels–a game that tests accuracy, timing, and how you execute the situation it can also be a yoga lesson if you can doge perfectly. The other thing about this game is that if you die, you got to restart the whole level all over again, but the enemies stay down with anything you throw, shoot, or punch at them and they will stay down.