How the Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives


Jasmine Martinez, Contributor

We all know Covid sucks and has ruined so many things for everyone. There are so many things that we could have been doing right now even if it’s just going back to actual school and not doing distance learning. Although some schools are back in session, schools in Oxnard aren’t because of the high number of cases there are. Some events that Covid has ruined for seniors are dances, homecoming, senior events, and most importantly how their graduation will be. I know all students are bummed out because we don’t get to have dances or rallies. Covid has also messed up the school sports and has delayed many of them. 

Not only did Covid just cancel actual school, but it has changed up how people can have parties, clubs, or even going out shopping. Many people have not had parties because they don’t want to risk it. People who do have parties make it really small and have everyone wear their masks. Either way, parties have really changed including clubs. When people go shopping now, we have to wait in big lines because certain stores only allow certain people to go in. Everyone also has to wear a mask literally everywhere they go.