Top 5 Masked Halloween Costumes for 2020


Joshua Sarmina, Contributor

Even during a pandemic and stuck in quarantine, you can show off your cool costumes online and be protected if you are going to do some trick or treating. Just some advice: BE CAREFUL when coming back from trick-or-treating. Make sure to disinfect your things and make sure to spray the wrapping of candy with some sort of alcohol, but if you are wearing makeup or other things that will come off, you need to be more cautious. Since we got the caution out the way, let’s get to the costumes.

Number 5: Shy Guy

Shy Guy is mostly for the people who File:Shy Guy cosplayers at FanimeCon 2010-05-30 1.JPG - Wikimedia Commonsdon’t want to spend a lot of money and want a simple but yet impressive costume. The costume only requires a mask with two big black eyes, one small black circle as the mouth, and a band or velcro band to keep it in place. A sweater, robe, or any type of clothes can be used in this costume and the thing is that with this costume, you can be any color you want since the shy guy can come in multiple colors. However, if you want to put a little more attention to detail, you can grab a belt, tie it around your waist, and put on a pair of blue shoes.


Number 4: Half Gas Mask/Goth Gas MaskRoyalty-free gas masks photos free download | Pxfuel

A mask with so much potential and creativity–you can make a plain, old-looking mask into cool or horrific post-apocalyptic wear and roam around and look like you came out of the Thunderdome a winner or a creature who came back with a thrust for revenge.

These types of masks are very cool when it comes to what types you can get and how you want to customize it. The types that already have some design on them are ones that you can buy like a steampunk half gas mask or a gothic one. If you want to customize yours, you can get any normal kind of half gas mask and customize it to your delight like make it glow or make it look like it’s fused with your face. There are so many ways to make a half gas mask look from normal and plain into something that will impress and get everyone’s attention. The clothes and props can have a huge impact on your costume too. If you want to go with a more creature-vibe, make the mask broken or look like it has been through years of damage and paint or makeup on your face to look like a zombie a fire creature.

Number 3: Purge Style

20+ Free Purge & Cassia Images - Pixabay

This costume is made for a night creep out. If you want a mask that will make someone feel uneasy when you look at them from a distance, then a Purge-like costume is just for you.

An L.E.D. mask is the part of the costume that gets more attention and you cannot use a full face mask you can also make a normal mouth cover mask with or glowing paint to make it so that it can grow into a heart fire or make a cool little drawing. But if you have a costume that goes with the mask, like a ripped up shirt or a cut-up suit, the cut-up part of the clothes will make it seem like you have been in a fight. You can add some extra touches like red paint to make it seem you have “fought” strongly. This costume can be for people who feel creative or feel like they want to make a quick costume with not a lot to spend. Not only you can do this alone, but you can make this with your friends them being different colors or being one up with intensity.

Number 2: Among Us Crewmate Solo/Group

Among Us Halloween Costumes | POPSUGAR TechWe have seen it everywhere, but this Halloween, you can make it be seen in reality. Make people feel suspicious of your actions by twitching, spazzing out, or having a bloody suit.

Among Us is a popular game in 2020, but it was created in 2018. So, why not use the advantage of a popular game that many people like into something creative? Use a colored helmet of your choice and get a jumpsuit (also a color of your choice) or get a spacesuit costume and make it into any color you desire and make some adjustments/make some props.

Mini Crewmate: baby doll with yellow cloth and make a dome with light blue and white on the lower corner and glue it to the facial area or to make it easy a piece blue paper on the facial area. You can use a wig, a plastic stem, a hockey mask the possibilities can go on. Not only is it a good costume, but it’s protective. 

Number 1: Plague Doctor

plague doctor | Davide Alberani | Flickr

If you feel like the world is in another plague, then this costume is for you. The costume is a way to keep your face covered and protected. It sets a gothy sort of play.

Not only is this costume is a sign of disease, goth, and a dark era, but it’s a nice-looking costume when it comes to a day of scares and haunts. Heck, if you want to put some nice touches to the plague doctor costume, you can add L.E.D. lights to certain parts of the costume to make you be more noticed.

You can have a cane with this costume, but what you can also use as props and stuff with this costume is very much to your decision (like you can have glass flasks with glowing paint inside or glow stick liquid hanging off your belt or even book where you can cut inside and put some more L.E.D lights for certain types of pages to make the book glow with many types of colors).

This can also protect you since this is a time of spooks and sometimes this a perfect time for certain bad scenarios to happen.

EXTRA PICK: ScarecrowFile:Scarecrow Batman Cosplay - MCM Comic Con 2016 (27398644855).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Scarecrow: An image of scaring off birds but on the night of Halloween, it can be used to scare off bigger prey: HUMANS.

A scarecrow is a cool looking or haunting outfit to roam around on Halloween, and if you don’t want to spend a ton of time or money in the costume, you can use makeup. You can make it so it looks like your mouth has been sewn up and make a tiny eye patch or something that can cover one eye and put hay or a fake bug. For the rest of the costume, you can have a hoody. Make it look dirty and make it so it looks bleached like it has been out in the sun for years. You can even have claws and make them look like bone is poking out to make people think that scarecrows may not even have only hay inside and obviously if it’s a scarecrow, make hay come out of ripped areas of the clothes. Make a simple old hay-filled scarecrow turn into a nightmare-fueling creature out looking for someone to replace its post!