Pandemic Pooch


Joshua Sarmina, Contributor

Being in a pandemic is a terrible time where you need to stay in, hope that the quarantine will be over soon, and things would go back to normal without fearing a dangerous disease. Still in a pandemic, there are also things that would brighten someone’s day–most likely yours.

And during a pandemic, people want to help. Shelly Ross is one of these people. She created a book titled Scruffy: Our Loyal Pandemic Pooches. Inside the book, it contains pictures of dogs before they had tons of fur or had a different look, and after receiving their new clean-cut and groomed fur that owners have given their animal companion during quarantine.

Shelly Ross told People Magazine that a friend of hers posted a photo of her dog after being groomed and had the pup’s fur cut. Then, she had the idea of hoping to reach out to other pet owners and asked about how experienced they were in taking care of their pet dog’s fur. In return, they sent Shelly pictures of many wonderful dogs with fantastic groomed fur.

Then, at the time, Shelly had the idea of making the book have photos of dogs and the story of the new clipped hair. She has gotten the photos and the stories into the book Scruffy. The book is said to help in 2 different ways–the first is by making people feel joy and a warmth of cuteness from the pictures of the adorable dogs new groomed hair. The other is by the money made from the book, which will go to Covid-19 research. This research has been sponsored by “The Cure Alliance,” a non-profit organization of scientists.

Not only the book is to make people feel a warm happy sensation but also as a memory book. Shelly said that the book is a gift that hopefully is passed down to other generations.

Ross has her own pandemic-loving pooch, a Polish lowland sheepdog by the name of Scout. She has also said that Scout is an easy-to-bathe dog when handled with the shower attachments. And this dog needs lots of conditioner (dog has hair, not fur).

Many pet owners love their dogs and cats or other pets. Shelly and people who take care of their dogs in her book, found that they are very happy and thankful to have a pooch to keep and cherish for the love given from them.