Top 5 Shaqtin’ A Fool Moments


Michael Avila, Contributor

If you aren’t familiar with the basketball world, Shaqtin’ A Fool is a weekly segment from the TV show “Inside NBA” which is a show that’s aired after NBA games on TNT. The hosts of the show are NBA Icons Earnie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith. It’s a really funny segment that features all the fails of the week done by NBA players during a game and it’s widely popular among the basketball fans. These are my favorite picks for the greatest Shaqtin’ A Fool moments:


#1 Nick Young (Swaggy P)

Image result for greatest shaqtin a fool gifs


#2 Javale McGee

Image result for javale mcgee shaqtin a fool gif


#3 Kemba Walker

Image result for shaqtin a fool kemba gif

#4 James Harden


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#5 Stephen Curry

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