Top Five K-Pop Groups


Nicole Ayala, Contributor

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#1 BTS – BTS has the most extensive following within the k-pop Instagram community with their official account having over 63.7 million followers. They’re a worldwide sensation that includes seven members. Overall, BTS has very diverse music that anyone can enjoy and listen to ranging from hip hop to R&B. On average, each post from their official account gets an estimated liking of 3 million likes per post. Their Instagram handle is @bts.bighitofficial. 


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#2 TWICE – TWICE is another 9-member K-pop sensation. They started out in 2015 and have worked their way up. Up until now, they have over 25.3 million followers on Instagram, and on average, they receive 2 million like per post. Their Instagram account name is @twicetagram.


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#3 ITZY – ITZY is a 5-member girl group that debuted in 2019 and is a part of the fourth generation of K-pop. They have an estimate of 16.4 million followers on Instagram and get a rough estimate of one million likes on their posts. Their Instagram handle is 


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#4 TXT – TXT is a boy group consisting of five members. They are under the same company as BTS and they debuted in early 2019. They have over 12.1 million followers on Instagram and roughly get an average of one million likes per post on their official account. Their Instagram handle is @txt_bighit.



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#5 P1Harmony- P1Harmony is a boy group that recently debuted in late 2020. They have over 654 thousand followers on Instagram and approximately receive more than 50 thousand likes per post on their official Instagram account. Their Instagram account is @p1h_official.