My Top 5 Bands

Joshua Reyes, Contributor

I spend most of my time listening to music, so it’s very easy to compile my top 5 bands. My music can be diverse in music genres and subgenres.  I don’t like to strictly listen to a certain genre of music because it limits my taste in music. Whenever I can, I like to expand on my music. This list is in no particular order. 

  • My Bloody Valentine: The most influential and foundational band for the subgenre is called, ”Shoegaze.” The band started off as a punk rock band, sounding similar to Joy Division, Iggy Pop, The Doors, and many others. Kevin Shields, the lead guitarist, and vocalist for the band found their unique sound. They created this sound which is referred to as “the wall of sound.” The album that really made them stand out was “Loveless” with its distorted sounds and low vocals that really sound calming. Each song is unique with its beautiful melodies, and it remains my favorite album of theirs. 
  • Radiohead: A band that I’ve been lately obsessed with is “Radiohead.”  Every album incorporates a different sound. Their songs are filled with introspective lyrics written by one of the best songwriters, Thom Yorke. By far, their best track “in my opinion” is,” Motion Picture Soundtrack” using a completely different sound in its album. They always use a variety of instruments in their songs and they all flow perfectly together. 
  • Beach House: Atmospheric and captivating are two words that I associate with “Beach House.” Their music immerses the listener into outer space with their electronic songs and beautiful melodies. An album that really captivates you is “Depression Cherry” which I own the CD of. From start to end of the album, there’s no song that lacks inconsistency with the others. 
  • Blur: Blur is another British band that I’ve been obsessed with. The lead vocalist, Damon Albarn’s voice really punctures you with its power of feelings. Not only are his vocals very great but his songwriting skills as well. At times, lyrics can be introspective which I love. The song, “No Distance Left to Run” truly conveys the feelings of a breakup. However, my favorite album from them is their self-titled album. 
  • Joy Division: I feel like I have to pay homage to JoyCloser (Joy Division album) - Wikipedia Division because of how great they are. They are one of the best punk bands to arise from the post-punk movement. Ian Curtis is very fascinating with his unique voice and songwriting skills too. A movie that really showcases Ian Curtis and his life is Control (2007); it’s one of my favorite movies too. My favorite song from Joy Division is “Isolation” which is from their last studio album. 

My list shows a variety of genres and I enjoy all of them. They all are unique as well in their own genres. Most of these  bands inspire many bands now because of how famous and great they are. My list is bound to change, but this is my list for now.