Body Suspension

Akira Roman, Contributor

The art of therapeutically hanging yourself by hooks. Body suspension is uncommon yet not immensely spoken about. The oldest recording of a body suspension tradition is almost 5000 years ago and is common amongst cultures past. Hinduism in India practiced an act of penance to show devotions to gods.

The post-modern act that we now know populated in around the 70s. The process of body suspension consists of professionals piercing hooks into a person’s body and then leaving the person intimately hanging them in positions by hooks they call this rigging. Different suspensions have different names. Common placements for hooks are chest, torso, legs, back, knees, belly, arm, calves, ankles, knees, or buttocks. When asked why they choose to participate in this, they respond with adrenaline rushes and spiritual and conscious enlightenment. This all comes with a risk like nerve damage, infections, and tendon damage. With all this being said, would you ever consider taking part in this art?