Holes in My Body: A Review of Oxnard’s Downtown Tattoo and Body Piercing Shop

kayla hernandez, Editor

Downtown Tattoo and Body Piercing shop in Oxnard is a good place for a piercing. I went here to get my helix piercing on my ear. The lady who pierced my ear did a pretty good job and is very patient! She helped me calm down before getting my ear pierced since I was really nervous. She told me what she was going to do before she did, like saying she was going to touch my ear before touching it so I didn’t get nervous.

The only complaint I would have is that it is pricy. It was 55$ for one ear piercing! Plus an extra 10 for the mist you have to spray on your ear after your ear is pierced. However, this place is way better than Claire’s. Claire’s is way more expansive and uses a piercing gun instead of a needle! Not only does a piercing gun hurt more, but it makes you more prone to an infection afterward. Getting your ears pierced should not be taken lightly, and try to avoid getting your ears pierced at a mall. You want to be able to see the person who is piercing you others work. Not only that, but when looking up a piercer, it might say on the website how much you should tip them. You should always tip your piercer or the person tattooing you. Just like a person who works in waitressing, they live off tips as well. Overall, do I regret it? No. Would I go again, maybe; only if I can’t find a place a little cheaper.