Dulce Castillo, Contributor

There is always a point in our lifetime where we have had a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Usually, we tend to get emotionally attached to that person. Even when you think that you are not attached to them, little things like hugs or forehead kisses that they have given you triggers that emotion of longing. Or just by thinking about them often. I believe that when we do get attached to the other person, we are scared to lose them and not because you know that it will hurt but because you yourself know that you will miss them even more. 

I have collected some ideas and peoples feelings towards their first heartbreak and I have gotten the time to sum up a paragraph.

‘ As I get home from school I put on my headphones and go to the bathroom and I close the door and turn to the side to see my reflection. As to my reflection I see my tears rolling down my cheek and down to my chin. I wipe my mascara and my tears away and I try so hard to stop crying and not make it noticeable but I just can’t, the pain and the feeling just doesn’t go away. I hate seeing myself like this over someone who didn’t deserve me and who took advantage of me. I backed up to the wall and just fell down and cried my heart out thinking and wondering if it was my fault, if I was not enough for him/her I did so much just for him/her to leave me so quickly.’ 

After a breakup, we have so many emotions in ourselves that we just break and cry everything out. Over the years I have learned that getting into a relationship and getting a heartbreak makes you even more stronger and more prepared for the next person that comes into your life.