Tips on How to Stay Safe in a Crowded Concert

Tips on How to Stay Safe in a Crowded Concert

Cristobal Cendejas, Contributor

After the concert, Astroworld, which took place in Houston, it has brought many concerns for those who visit concerts often and even the ones who don’t, but want to go to a concert in the future. This concert was a big bang and was heard around the country, making a lot of voices being heard.  Astroworld was a perfect example to inform people of the danger you run into in large scale concerts where there are thousands of people all next to each other. 

Before heading out to have fun at a concert, make sure you include these tips in your safety list:

  • Wear outdoor shoes and shoes you really don’t care about, because they will get dirty. Running shoes and high tops would be a good option. Any footwear that can prevent you from sliding or slipping, that way you have stability to go through a big crowd if you need to run.
  • Don’t take anything you’re going to regret losing or maybe damage while being in a big crowd. A phone and a wallet is mostly the only thing people take, I’d recommend taking something with zippers. 
  • Eat something that won’t be too unsatisfying later throughout the day. Hydration is also important, most people tend to sweat a lot while dancing and being crowded. And carry some way of identification with you.

Now I will give some tips on how you can navigate through a crowd of people: 

  • Don’t have too many alcoholic drinks so you can be aware of your surroundings. 
  • It is better and safer if you stay around the edges of the events where you can leave easily. 
  • Avoid getting stuck in a mosh pit or anything like that. If you fall to the ground, the best thing you can do is go into the fetal position and lay on the left side while on the floor so you can protect your important organs as much as you can like your brain, heart and lungs. Try to get up in any chance you think you can or else the adrenalized crowd won’t let you get up.

Most importantly, just be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. If you already feel and know the crowd is getting vicious, you should try and get out of there before it actually does.