These Eyelashes Don’t Come Easy


Amy Wright, Adviser

I get asked a lot if my eyelashes are real and/or what kind of mascara I use. Well, it’s a tricky answer because I do a lot of stuff to achieve my eyelashes.

  1. If my lashes are feeling flatter than usual, I will do a quick curl. I used to heat up my curler a little bit, but I find th
    All of the products I use on my lashes. Photo credit: author’s personal images

    at it crimps them too much and they end up looking unnatural. I usually skip this step.

  2. Every single night, I use Grande LASH-MD Enhancing Serum, which I buy from their website. I’ve heard that sellers on Ebay and Amazon often have fake products, so I don’t usually skimp on this. A tube is usually about $65, but they always have 10-20% coupon codes. One tube usually lasts me at least 3 months.
  3. My first coat(s) of mascara is usually Maybelline New York Sky High Washable Mascara. Then, I let it dry.
  4. Ideally, I would go with my absolute favorite mascara of all-time: FreshLook 3D Fiber Lashes mascarabut they have been sold out for months. It comes with a tube of “transplanting gel” (which is the mascara) and a small tube of “fibers” that you can brush on. I don’t even use the fibers, but it will give you a fuller look if you are going for that. This mascara dries sort of hard, which is what I love. The only downside to this is that sometimes, it’s hard to get off at night! A good cleansing oil like Bobbi  Brown’s Soothing Cleansing Oil (sort of fancy and expensive–it was a gift. Baby oil works too!) will do the trick!
  5. When I can’t get ahold of my FreshLook mascara, I am happy with Thrive Market’s Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara. I don’t actually think it’s worth the price, but I got tired of looking for cheaper alternatives. However, I am happy with the product and will keep buying it unless I find a better one.
  6. My secret weapon for semi-natural looking eyelashes is Ardell Double Up Individuals Knot-Free Long Black False Lashes, Double Flares. I stick a couple of these on right at the end of my lashes with any lash glue (I use Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive in Black) with a pair of tweezers. I let it all totally dry and then go back over it with either my Freshlook or Thrive mascara to blind in the false lashes with my real lashes.

So, these lashes don’t come easy. However, this whole process takes less than 5 minutes now, and there is no smudging or running all day. What are your favorite eyelash products? Leave a comment below.