30 Million Pounds of Plastic Removed from the Ocean

Miguel Basurto-Cruz, Contributor

#TeamSea is a nonprofit organization and global campaign. Just like the original campaign that inspired it, #TeamSeas is being led by Mark (Rober), Jimmy (MrBeast), and Campaign Director, Matt Fitzgerald (@fitz350). Working alongside organizations like Ocean Conservatives and The Ocean CleanUp. They are raising 30 million dollars to remove 30 million pounds of plastic from the ocean. So far they have raised over 12 million dollars. They are targeting lakes, rivers, and oceans. They are not just going out in the ocean and picking up trash, this is just a small part of the problem, they are trying to tackle the main source of where the plastic comes from. According to Oceancleanup’s research 80% of the plastic that ends up in the ocean comes from rivers, 1000 rivers to be exact and they are targeting those rivers first. This is because rivers run through populated areas where people throw their trash in rivers. They are bringing in technology to help with this cleanup, they have partnered up with a company called KoneCranes, based in Finland. They came up with the Interceptor, with it targeting rivers, so far there are 3 interceptors up and running. Although it is automated it needs the local government and communities to implement, operate and maintain it. According to the organization, it can suck up 110,000 lb/day, which is around 5 garbage trucks. Once full it sends a message, and the container is then floated down the river where the trash is separated from whatever is recyclable is recycled and whatever isn’t, is sent to local waste management facilities. So far the team is close to removing 13 million pounds of plastic from lakes, rivers, and oceans. 

If you’d like to donate, go to #TeamSeas