Eating Disorders

Rosa Amaya, Contributor

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How deadly can an eating disorder be ? Eating disorders Have so many names to the disease .The cause of an eating disorder has many and plenty that can even lead to death or starvation . As Well as traumatizing yourself Into believing you’re  bigger than you actually are . As Well as being hurt mentally  and physically. What Causes and Eating Disorders? Most eating disorders happen when you are really involved and obsessed with your weight and how your body looks  . A way you can cure eating disorders  Is by reaching out and getting professional help and start slowly building up the food intake that a regular person should eat to maintain a healthy weight and not underweight .   How do people with eating disorders feel mentally ? People who often suffer from eating disorders tend to feel lonely

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and depressed over their weight obsession.  What other medical conditions does an eating disorder cause ? Type 1 diabetes the immune system attacks the cells in the pancreas that make insulin and removes sugar from the blood to use as energy . Also Rheumatoid Arthritis  this type of arthritis causes swelling and deformities of the joints . Also another medical condition eating disorders can cause is Lupus this disease attacks body tissues , including the lungs ,kidney and skin. Many types of auto -antibodies are found in the blood of people with lupus . Some Things you can say or encourage to someone who has had an eating disorder is to encourage self love and positivity and Always be polite to everyone because we might not know what someone goes through in their personal life .